Hello Hello! Most people are asking what is different between the regular and extended license. Actually, you can take a look here for Envato’s official article about licenses. Whatever regular or extended license you can use only one product. It is envato official license terms and conditions.

But we have our own surprises and fantastic offers for both license clients.

For Regular License Client ( Benefit from Panacea-Soft )

  1. We will help you to setup the frontend website and admin panel on your server. You just need to share your server login credentials. You can take a look at more details here.

For Extended License Client ( Benefits from Panacea-Soft )

  1. App Reksin ( Just change according to your branding such as color, name, package and logo ). It is for both iOS and Android.
  2. Setup Website Frontend and Admin Panel on your server. You just need to provide the hosting and domain.
  3. We will give 2 rounds of review before we submit to Google Play and Apple App Store.
  4. Yes, we will help your app submit to your Google Play and Apple App Store. We will try until your app is approved. You just need to provide a valid paid developer account from google and apple.
  5. Normally we are trying within 2 to 3 weeks to be ready to upload to google and apple stores. Their approval is out of our control but we will monitor and stand by until your app is approved.
  6. So ,In short, we will cover all technical stuff then you could focus on business development. You can imagine like within 2 to 3 weeks your app is able to submit to google and apple app store.
  7. We believe that it is really worth it to buy with an extended license because of those valuaded services. If you want to build like this product ( iOS, Android, Frontend Website and Admin Panel ) from scratch then you need to spend a lot of development hours and resources. Our product and additional service help you to reduce a lot of development costs.

If you want to know more about our products then please take a look at here.