We noticed that one issue is encountering during the installation.

So, we would like to share the possible solution based on our experience. Please take a look more details at below :

1. You need to make sure you are using Apache or not? Because our product is not supported with nginx so if it is using nginx then please switch to apache on your server.

2. Your server is using Apache but if you still have that issue then you need to take a look at the .env file. Please make sure your installed domain and VITE_BASE_DOMAIN from .env file. It must be the same.

3. This is the last case, if you checked No.1 and 2 are correct then please do the final checking for the css file. Please go to those links.

– https://{your_domain}}/public/installer/css/style.css

– https://{your_domain}}/installer/css/style.css

Both are must able to load from the browser. If not able to load then please download the css file form here. Then please put at “public/installer/css/style.css”

Hope that you could find out the solution based on those 3 suggestion points. Just in case if you still have the issue then please open a support ticket here. We are happy to assistance and solutions for a seamless setup experience.

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