In upgraded version of PSX MPC 1.4.1, we have integrated a new feature called subscription management which keep tracks of a vendor’s subscription from the beginning to the end. This contributes to unlocking new opportunities and generating additional income for the business.

Feel free to explore this feature, now accessible on Codecanyon for you to try out.

Unlocking the Benefits

Here are the key benefits of our recently added subscription management feature in version 1.4.1, designed to empower your business.

  • The integrated Subscription Management feature enables businesses to achieve stable financial growth and maximize sales through various subscription plans.
  • It encourages vendors to enhance product quality and commitment, fostering strong partnerships and building loyalty between businesses and vendors.
  • With the Subscription Management feature, businesses can secure sustained income, attract diverse customers, and achieve enhanced product excellence.

Explore the Latest Features

PSX MPC 1.4.1 now comes with an added subscription management feature, offering users a variety of new capabilities. Here are the new features currently included in this version:

1. Defining Subscription Plans

2. Managing Subscription Payments and Notifications

3. Analyzing Reports on Subscription Plans

4. Checking the History of Subscriptions

5. Receiving Notifications for Expired Subscription Plans

If you’re interested in getting a better grasp of how this feature operates, take a look at the documentations provided in this link.

📃 Vendor Feature

Launching Version 1.4.1 marks the second phase of our StoreFront integration journey. In our continuous pursuit of enhancing the user experience and functionality, we are diligently working on subsequent releases (possibly the next 4 or 5) to ensure a more robust and feature-rich ecommerce platform. Stay tuned for a series of updates that will elevate your online shopping experience to new heights.

Get ready for the upcoming PSX MPC 1.4.2 update! This release introduces a user-friendly vendor list view with simple filtering options on both the website and app. The main feature of this update is the checkout system, which enhances the overall experience of the multivendor storefront.

Join us on a journey of continuous improvement at PSX MPC, as we keep trying out new ideas to make things more enjoyable for you. 🙌

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