In version 1.4.0 of PSX MPC, we introduce you to our new Multi-Vendor Storefront feature – a total game changer for online businesses. This platform is crafted to empower vendors and step up their business to next level.

Before we deliberate how this multi-vendor feature works and how to build one, let’s take a look at why you should have this feature for your business.

What is Multi-Vendor Storefront Feature?

Imagine a space where vendors have the tools they need to thrive, a space that elevate the way they operate online instead of being a single seller managing everything on the platform. That’s exactly what our Multi-Vendor Storefront does. It’s not just a platform; it’s a powerful solution designed to level up businesses.


Key Benefits

1. Efficient Product Management

The Multi-Vendor Storefront feature provide vendors with a user-friendly and efficient platform to manage their business effortlessly. Vendors can easily manage their inventory, modify product specifications, and implement timely updates through the advanced Vendor Panel.

2. Enhanced Brand Visibility

Each vendor gets their own personalized public vendor page which helps to enhance brand visibility ensuring that their products stand out in the crowded online marketplace, attracting more customers and driving sales.

3. Higher Sales and Increased Revenue

As a result of improved brand visibility and a more enjoyable shopping experience, vendors can have a significant increase in income, which results in higher sales and increased revenue.

4. Streamlined Shopping Experience for Customer

With individualized public vendor pages, finding and purchasing products from specific vendors becomes easy, reducing the time and effort required to explore and make purchases.

How to Utilize a Multi-Vendor Storefront Feature?

“Without the knowledge of coding, you can leverage the benefits of multi-vendor storefront feature with our multipurposed classified platform.”

You can create your own multi-vendor storefront marketplace, manage your product efficiently, increase brand visibility, sales and revenues. Customers can easily find and buy products from you, strengthening the connection between vendors and their customer base.

If you’re interested in understanding how this new feature operates, feel free to refer to this document for a detailed explanation: Vendor Feature

Current Features of Multi-Vendor Storefront 1.0

As it is the initial version of multi-vendor storefront feature, there are certain limitations when exploring into its functionalities. Here are the features currently included in this version:

1. Vendor Application & Approval

2. Advanced Vendor Panel Access for Each Vendor

3. Dedicated Public Vendor Page

4. Item Entry as a vendor or seller

5. New Added Vendor Language, Menu & Permission and Setting in Admin Panel

Launching Version 1.4.0 marks the initial phase of our StoreFront integration journey. In our continuous pursuit of enhancing the user experience and functionality, we are diligently working on subsequent releases (possibly the next 4 or 5) to ensure a more robust and feature-rich ecommerce platform. Stay tuned for a series of updates that will elevate your online shopping experience to new heights.

Get excited for the next “PSX Multipurpose Classified” update! The upcoming release brings a convenient vendor list view with easy filtering on the website and app, along with new subscription features spanning plans, payments, notifications, reports, and history across all platforms.

Join us on a journey of continuous improvement at “PSX Multipurpose Classified”, as we keep trying out new ideas to make things more enjoyable for you. 🙌

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