Flutter Version Release Note


  • Fixed isDemoPayment from admin panel
  • Fixed Verified Blue Mark Button show grey


  • NA


  • Custom field API Review & Update








































































– Flutter SDK version – 3.13.6
– Android SDK version – 30.0.3

Admin Panel Version Release Note


  • Fixed for item’s some custom fields duplicate when disable item at Frontend
  • Fixed to show load more data in dropdown (eg: category, subcategory, etc…) of item entry at Frontend
  • Fixed for item security issue in item detail at Frontend
  • Fixed for not allowed to select township if city is not selected in Top Navigation at Frontend
  • Fixed for subcategory subscription for Google login user at Frontend
  • Fixed for showing published items only in all lists & filters at Frontend
  • Fixed to disable own item in item detail at Frontend
  • Fixed for hide/show notification action in User Profile Setting Modal at Frontend
  • Fixed for not allowed to do favourite to own items at Frontend
  • Fixed to show correct notification count in notification icon at Frontend
  • Fixed to hide price input when Item Price Type Setting is No Price at Frontend
  • Fixed to show old images in chat detail at Frontend
  • Fixed to show checked color highlight in subcategory subscription of white mode at Frontend
  • Fixed for requested username of Phone Login at Frontend
  • Fixed for delete button in chat conversation at Frontend
  • Fixed to show show email and show phone checkboxes in profile at Frontend
  • Fixed to show as mandatory indicator at description of push notification entry at Backend
  • Fixed for changing default map configuration issue at Backend
  • Fixed slow moving item report system error at Backend
  • Fixed to show show email and show phone checkboxes in user entry at Frontend
  • Fixed for not allowed to save null value of custom fields in database at Api


  • Improved for Google Play and App Store Image in Footer (of Firefox Browser) at Frontend
  • Improved for Blog list and detail as code refactoring at Frontend
  • Improved to hide Other Info(there is no data for other info) at Item Detail at Frontend
  • Improved to pick location icon and map reset text color brighter at Frontend
  • Improved no data image of Reported Item list at Frontend
  • Improved for verify icon color brighter in Profile at Frontend
  • Improved for WhatsApp number of user with country code in Frontend
  • Improved price limit digit to 11 (eg : can input the price value till 99,999,999,999) at Frontend
  • Improved price format for both space and comma (eg : can show as $ 1,000 or $ 1 000) at Frontend
  • Home Screen UI/UX improvement at Frontend
    • Top Navigation
      • Location Improvement
      • Language Improvement
      • Theme Switch Improvement
    • Menu Improvement
    • Hero Section Improvement
      • Search Improvement
      • Popular Categories Improvement
    • Category Improvement
    • How it works Improvement
    • Post Quota Package Improvement
    • Top Rated Seller Improvement
    • Blogs Improvement
  • Improved to integrate with OpenStreetMap in System Configuration at Backend
  • Improved for Blog CRUD as code refactoring at Backend


  • UI Components Creation for below Frontend Pages
    • Dashboard
    • Item List
    • Item Detail
    • User Profile
  • Category Based Custom Fields Feature (Read More)
– app/*
– config/*
– Modules/*
– resources/*
– routes/*
– public/images/assets/*
– tailwind.config.js
– vite.config.js
– package.json
– package-lock.json

Custom fields was moved to Admin Panel

User can't create, edit, delete or other changes about custom fields in PSX Builder after PSX Motors Classified Version 1.2.0 is released. When you try to add custom fields in PSX Builder, you will see the warning as below image. You can create custom fields at Admin Panel. Read the following documentations for details.

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