Flutter Version Release Note


  • Fixed Item Touch Count View
  • Fixed Native Ads not show in IOS


  • Improved WhatsApp Number at User Edit Profile Custom field
  • Improved Update flutter sdk 3.13.6


  • Item Advance Setting

– assets/lang/ar_tran.json
– assets/lang/de_tran.json
– assets/lang/en_tran.json
– assets/lang/es_tran.json
– assets/lang/fr_tran.json
– assets/lang/hi_tran.json
– assets/lang/id_tran.json
– assets/lang/it_tran.json
– assets/lang/ja_tran.json
– assets/lang/ko_tran.json
– assets/lang/ms_tran.json
– assets/lang/pt_tran.json
– assets/lang/ru_tran.json
– assets/lang/th_tran.json
– assets/lang/tr_tran.json
– assets/lang/zh_tran.json
– ios/Runner/AppDelegate.swift
– lib/config/ps_config.dart
– lib/config/route/route_paths.dart
– lib/config/route/router.dart
– lib/core/vendor/api/ps_api_service.dart
– lib/core/vendor/api/ps_url.dart
– lib/core/vendor/constant/ps_constants.dart
– lib/core/vendor/constant/ps_dimens.dart
– lib/core/vendor/constant/ps_widget_const.dart
– lib/core/vendor/db/common/ps_shared_preferences.dart
– lib/core/vendor/db/user_field_dao.dart
– lib/core/vendor/provider/category/category_provider.dart
– lib/core/vendor/provider/common/ps_provider.dart
– lib/core/vendor/provider/product/paid_ad_product_provider copy.dart
– lib/core/vendor/provider/product/touch_count_provider.dart
– lib/core/vendor/provider/ps_provider_dependencies.dart
– lib/core/vendor/provider/user/user_feild_provider.dart
– lib/core/vendor/provider/user/user_provider.dart
– lib/core/vendor/repository/Common/ps_repository.dart
– lib/core/vendor/repository/item_entry_field_repository.dart
– lib/core/vendor/repository/user_field_repository.dart
– lib/core/vendor/utils/utils.dart
– lib/core/vendor/viewobject/category.dart
– lib/core/vendor/viewobject/common/ps_value_holder.dart
– lib/core/vendor/viewobject/edit_profile_user_relation.dart
– lib/core/vendor/viewobject/holder/category_parameter_holder.dart
– lib/core/vendor/viewobject/holder/profile_update_view_holder.dart
– lib/core/vendor/viewobject/holder/touch_count_parameter_holder.dart
– lib/core/vendor/viewobject/ps_app_setting.dart
– lib/core/vendor/viewobject/user_filed.dart
– lib/ui/.DS_Store
– lib/ui/custom_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/chat_make_appointment_dialog.dart
– lib/ui/custom_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/common/chat_price_widget.dart
– lib/ui/custom_ui/item/detail/component/sticky_bottom/other_user_action/widgets/whatsapp_widget.dart
– lib/ui/custom_ui/item/entry/component/entry_data/widgets/entry_price_range_widget.dart
– lib/ui/custom_ui/item/list_item/product_price_widget.dart
– lib/ui/custom_ui/item/price_range/component/price_range_item.dart
– lib/ui/custom_ui/item/price_range/view/choose_price_range_view.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/app_loading/view/app_loading_view.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/chat_make_appointment_dialog.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/chat_make_offer_dialog.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/common/chat_price_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/common/item_been_bought_msg.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/receiver/offer_received_msg.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/receiver/offer_received_with_accept_and_reject_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/receiver/receiver_accepted_or_rejected_msg.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/sender/offer_accepted_msg_with_user_bought_box.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/sender/sender_accept_or_rejected_msg.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/sender/sender_make_offer_msg.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/header_item_info/widgets/make_offer_button.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/header_item_info/widgets/product_info.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/view/chat_view.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/price_dollar.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/user_custom_ui/ps_user_cutom_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/user_custom_ui/user_ui_type/checkbox.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/user_custom_ui/user_ui_type/date_only_picker.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/user_custom_ui/user_ui_type/datetime_picker.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/user_custom_ui/user_ui_type/dropdown.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/user_custom_ui/user_ui_type/image.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/user_custom_ui/user_ui_type/multi_select.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/user_custom_ui/user_ui_type/number.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/user_custom_ui/user_ui_type/radio.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/user_custom_ui/user_ui_type/text.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/user_custom_ui/user_ui_type/textarea.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/user_custom_ui/user_ui_type/time_only_picker.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/dashboard/components/drawer/widgets/user_offers_menu_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/detail/component/appbar/product_expandable_appbar.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/detail/component/info_widgets/location_with_price_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/detail/component/sticky_bottom/other_user_action/other_user_actions_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/detail/component/sticky_bottom/other_user_action/widgets/call_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/detail/component/sticky_bottom/other_user_action/widgets/chat_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/detail/component/sticky_bottom/other_user_action/widgets/sms_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/detail/component/sticky_bottom/other_user_action/widgets/whatsapp_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/detail/component/sticky_bottom/sticky_bottom_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/entry/component/entry_data/core_and_custom_field_entry_view.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/entry/component/entry_data/upload_submit_button.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/entry/component/entry_data/widgets/entry_price_range_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/list_item/feature_product_vertcal_list_item.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/list_item/product_horizontal_list_item.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/list_item/product_horizontal_list_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/list_item/product_price_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/list_item/product_vertical_list_item.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/list_item/product_vertical_list_item_for_filter.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/price_range/component/price_range_item.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/price_range/view/choose_price_range_view.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/language/view/onboard_language_container_view.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/user/edit_profile/component/verfiy_phone/widgets/verification_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/user/edit_profile/view/edit_profile_view.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/user/paid_item_list/component/horizontal/widgets/paid_ad_item_horizontal_list_item.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/user/paid_item_list/component/vertical/widgets/paid_ad_item_vertical_list_item.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/user/profile/view/profile_view.dart
– pubspec.lock
– pubspec.yaml

– Flutter SDK version – 3.13.6

– Android SDK version – 30.0.3

Admin Panel Version Release Note



  • Fixed to show selected city in location modal of navigation bar at Frontend
  • Fixed to show categories as full row in dashboard at Frontend
  • Fixed to show item cells with same height at Frontend
  • Fixed to show default phone country code in item entry at Frontend
  • Fixed to show default phone country code in Phone Login at Frontend
  • Fixed to change dark mode smoothly at Admin Panel
  • Fixed to send email in SMTP configuration at Admin Panel
  • Fixed not to expired license activation date after new installation at Admin Panel
  • Fixed to solve permission checking in installer wizard at Admin Panel
  • Fixed to change eye filter whenever builder field is changed at Admin Panel
  • Fixed to meta description showing meta title at Admin Panel
  • Fixed to phone color not change at Login when brand color change
  • Fixed to slow moving detail and item report detail not showing original price at Admin Panel
  • Fixed to wrong ordering while multiple images upload
  • Fixed to some item edit white screen at Frontend
  • Fixed to discounted item not showing in discount items list when edit somethings from it
  • Fixed to solve new user gmail login at Admin Panel
  • Fixed to slides not working at Arabic mode
  • Fixed to missing title and subject in blue mark verify mail
  • Fixed to banner and item details loading low resolution
  • Fixed to adding own items to favorite list
  • Fixed to price not working when it’s above 999999
  • Fixed to Payment button like its brand color
  • Fixed dynamic links to show image in item entry at Frontend
  • Fixed time only custom field at Backend
  • Fixed subcategory on off setting to work with no subcategory at Backend
  • Fixed wrong pointing php path issue at the server
  • Fixed source code update without subfolder
  • Fixed mobile language string import in updater at Backend
  • Fixed popular categories loading time
  • Fixed not to show currency symbol in price range ui
  • Fixed not to show Free when price is 0 on price range ui
  • Fixed not to show line through in discount item on price range ui
  • Fixed to be same color of fav icon in dark mode
  • Fixed to disabled promote button without reloading
  • Fixed not to show dreamhost.com when the user reported the item
  • Fixed promote button not enable issue
  • Fixed frontend cache issue
  • Fixed image crop issue to main aspect ratio


  • Improved for Performance Optimization
    • About us api call 3 times reduced to 1 in item detail
    • Remove unused library open layer map
    • VueSplide , CKEditor and RazorPay to local import
    • Item limit modal and user account info request modal with lazy loading
    • Review Category Item UI
  • Improved for Export Language Strings as JSON or CSV
  • Improved for Added Category Skeletor
  • Improved for App Branding Image Configuration
  • Improved for Item Advance Setting added to backend
  • Improved for chat setting and price setting of Item upload on frontend and backend can be configured by item advance setting
  • Improved for Add clear search icon in search inputs at Frontend
  • Improved for Updated Inertia lib
  • Improved for Removed unnecessary packages from package.json
  • Improved for Changed the color classes to fit with tailwind standard
  • Improved for Reviewed DOM in Dashboard, detail, profile, item list


  • One Click Version Update (You can imagine like WordPress version update ) It will be rolling out as version 1.2.0 This feature automates and simplifies the process of updating software or applications. It’s designed to save time, reduce complexity, and enhance the user experience by condensing multiple steps into a single action.This process includes various tasks such as Source code update, Database migration, Languages update and Table & Fields updates. It will be a major change. So, we would like to force version update to 1.2.0 because if you are upgrading to version 1.2.0 then the upcoming version update is very easy. We are already optimised for our painful version update process.
  • No build / No code and easy up and running
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NdmuSFYVS8
  • Item Advanced Setting (Read More)
    • Item Price Type Setting
    • Item Chat Setting
  • Added Whatsapp Integration for buyers and seller to communicate over Whatsapp
– app/*.*
– Modules/*.*
– config/*.*
– resources/*.*
– routes/.*
– public/installer/css/*.*
– vite.config.js
– composer.json
– composer.phar
– package.json

Admin Panel Version Update Guide

Changes Folders and Files

– app/*.*
– Modules/*.*
– config/*.*
– resources/*.*
– routes/.*
– public/installer/css/*.*
– vite.config.js
– composer.json
– composer.phar
– package.json

How to Admin Panel Version Update?

1. Download the updated files from Codecanyon and unzip them on your local machine.
2. Download the existing folders (running project) from your hosting.
3. Delete the existing local files that correspond to above changed folders and files.
4. Copy the new files from the updated version to your local machine in the corresponding locations where files were deleted in step 3.
5. Remove composer.lock and vendor at your local machine folder.
6. Run the command composer update.
7. Run the command npm install.
8. Build the updated version using this commands such as npm run build (make sure whether .env file existed in your local before build)
9. Then, delete package-lock.json, composer.lock and vendor from your hosting.
10. Delete the changes folders and files from your hosting. (NOTICE : no need to delete the whole public folder, just delete public/installer/css folder)
11. Upload package-lock.json, composer.lock and vendor from your local machine.
12. Upload the changes folders and files from your local machine.
13. Delete public/build folder from your hosting.
14. Upload the public/build folder from your local machine.
15. Copy the following queries.
Copy to Clipboard


16. Do like below video.

17. Do database migration by clicking ‘Install Updates’.
18. Do admin panel language strings migration by importing admin_panel_language_v_1_1_0.zip which included from codecanyon updated files and click ‘Next Step’.
19. Do frontend language strings migration by importing frontend_language_v_1_1_0.zip which included from codecanyon updated files and click ‘Next Step’.
20. Do mobile language strings migration by importing mobile_language_v_1_1_0.zip which included from codecanyon updated files and click ‘Next Step’.
21. Import your current project.zip file which is exported from PSX Builder.
22. Finally, you can exit from update process and you will directly reach to ‘Table’ page of admin panel.
23. Import project.zip again.


That’s it! Following these steps should ensure a successful update process.

To Be More Easy In Next Version

You need to follow like below doc

Existing Project Migration

Additional Release at 29th Nov

Additional Change Logs


  • Fixed for creating custom fields in PSX Builder Client Project

Additional Effected Files

  • Modules/Core/Http/Services/CoreAndCustomFieldService.php

How to Update Additional Release

  1. Download the Additional Effected File from Codecanyon.
  2. Replace it at your hosting according to its file path.

That’s all.

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