At version 1.2.2, we tried hard to introduce new features called “Item Advance Setting” because our vision is to build a multipurpose classified product. As you know there are various niches under the classified domain. According to the market demand and client request, we consider adding “Item Advanced Setting”. So, let’s take a look at how it works.

Item Price Type Setting

Platform Admin able to define the price type according to their business nature. Currently, there are 3 types of the price setting. ( It can be more option in future )

  1. Normal Price with Currency ( If people want to describe the price )
    This is the current normal price format. Users need to select currency and price.
  2. No Price ( Some people want to build the Lost & Found app so it should be fine without pricing. )
    If the admin chooses “No Price”, price will be hidden in all backend, mobile and frontend.
  3. Price Range ( Some of business nature it is not fixed price so it is able to provide the pricing range. )
    If the admin chooses this, the user can only select the price range and be able to see only like range in all backend, mobile and frontend.

Item Chat Setting

Platform Admin able to set the default option. If the user enables user override, the user needs to choose when he does item entry. And it will override the admin setting. That means each item can have different actions when chatting. Currently, there are 4 types of the chat setting.

  1. Chat and Make Offer
    Users have the ability to engage in chat and offer their desired price to the seller while browsing items.
  2. Chat Only
    Users can engage in chat only when browsing items on the website.
  3. Chat & Appointment
    Users have the option to schedule appointments while engaged in conversations with sellers.
  4. No Chat
    Buyers are unable to utilize the chat features on the frontend and mobile.

Creating a classified platform in today’s digital landscape offers numerous benefits. It facilitates easy item listings, connects buyers and sellers efficiently, provides a user-friendly interface, and opens up revenue opportunities through ad placements. Additionally, a classified platform can serve niche markets and foster community engagement, making it a valuable venture in the digital age.


When we add Item Advance Setting feature at our PSX-Multipurpose, it is unlock to transform any specific niche such as

👉 Lost & Found ( Normally, it no needs the pricing )

👉 OnDemand Service ( It can use for the price range and Appointment )

👉 HomeCooked Food ( No price but it can deal with everything at Chatting )

👉 Pet Adoption ( You can build the Pet Community App also )

💥 And many more!


Stay tuned! There are custom field features in our product. Can you imagine that if you work together Custom Fields + Item Advance Setting then you can build any Classified Niche. We believed that it is to embrace change, explore new horizons, and unlock limitless potential.

If you have any questions and doubt for that features then please drop email to


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