“PSX Multi Purpose Classified Flutter App with Laravel Admin Panel” which is using Flutter(for mobile app) and Laravel(for frontend website & admin panel). It included a Mobile Project(For iOS and Android) and Web Project(For Frontend & Admin Panel). Our product is a full application with the admin panel so users are able to change and manage dynamically from the admin panel.

We would like to share about our product’s roadmap at here because some of our clients are keep asking for that question.

One Click Version Update (You can imagine like WordPress version update ) It will be rolling out as version 1.2.0 This feature automates and simplifies the process of updating software or applications. It’s designed to save time, reduce complexity, and enhance the user experience by condensing multiple steps into a single action.This process includes various tasks such as Source code update, Database migration, Languages update and Table & Fields updates. It will be a major change. So, we would like to force version update to 1.2.0 because if you are upgrading to version 1.2.0 then the upcoming version update is very easy. We are already optimised for our painful version update process. That’s why we release that version update as first priority.
Edit : Now it is released already. Please take a look how easy for new installation and version update process.

There are so many feature requests for that feature. The “Category-Based Custom Fields” feature is a functionality that allows users to define and tailor specific fields or attributes for different categories of items or content within an application. This feature is particularly useful in systems where various categories have unique characteristics or requirements. Let’s if you want to create for Car then you need to do things like model, year, engine power, etc. If you want to create like Real Estates then you need to create like area square feet, amenities, etc. So, item input fields will be created dynamically based on the selected category. So, you can build any classified product.


This feature empowers agents, resellers, and shop owners by granting advanced access to the shop admin panel for streamlined product management, specialized reports, and effortless setup of direct online payments. Moreover, they’ll have their own dedicated storefronts to entice a wider audience.For customers, a seamless checkout experience awaits, enabling hassle-free payment online or upon delivery. Sit back and relax while you await the swift product delivery.Website owners can leverage this capability to create their own SaaS services tailored for agents. Offering flexible charging options, including one-time fees or subscription models, is now within reach.


  • Performance Optimization ( Priority -> We are doing small improvement at every version released. )
  • AWS File Storage Integration
  • Multi Language For Content Level
  • Booking & Reservation
  • Push Notification Improvement
  • Dynamic Page Creation on Frontend
  • Admob Integration on Frontend
  • Bidding
  • Xendit Payment
  • Mercadopago Payment
  • FlutterWave Payment

Our product is available here. If you have any questions or feedback then please drop email to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com

We appreciate your support and are eager to continue our mission. With your help, we can make a meaningful impact on our product. Together, we’ll strive for positive change and progress. Thank you for standing by our side in this important journey.

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