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“6am.ng” is a Nigeria online marketplace that provides buyers and sellers with an avenue to meet and exchange goods and services.

Some of the key features of our application include:

  • Item Upload : Users can easily create and publish their listings by uploading images and providing detailed descriptions. An image gallery feature allows them to showcase their items from multiple angles, enhancing the attractiveness of their listings.
  • Push Notifications : Users receive instant notifications about new listings, messages, or interactions relevant to their interests. This keeps users engaged and informed even when they’re not actively browsing the platform.
  • Integrated Payment For Promotion : When user want to promote their item then there are several payment options. It will increase and show first on the platform.
  • Rating and Reviews : A feedback mechanism where buyers and sellers can leave reviews and ratings after a transaction. This builds transparency and helps users make informed decisions based on the experiences of others.
  • Many more feature …..

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for choosing our reskin & installation service. Your trust is valued, and we’re committed to delivering excellence as we ensure a seamless and efficient experience for you.

You can take a look a few screenshoot from 6am.ng App!

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