Exciting News! Our monthly subscription offers several benefits, depending on your needs and circumstances. Stay up-to-date with our regular version updates and faster support. Elevate your workflow and achieve more with our empowering service.

Our monthly subscription service will cover our new PSX Products.

Why subscription?

  • In the modem software industry, it needs to release regular version updates as the iteration. So, we also will do the regular version release for bugfixed and new features according to our client feedback. When we do the version update, we will do the version update for your project also.
  • After the version update process, normally it needs to upload google play and apple app store also. We will cover that version of the store uploading process also.
  • If it needs to do database migration then we will do it without losing your data.
  • Your app and website will be running with less downtime hours so you will get more engagement and interaction with your audiences.
  • In short, we will cover all technical stuff then you could focus on business development. That’s why you should Start experiencing the future today!

Now it is an early bird promotion. Don’t hesitate. If you have any questions then please drop email to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com

Q : How many months do we need to buy advanced?

A : 3 months

Q : Is it cover for additional own additional features development?

A : No. But you can do the feature request then we will consider it as the priority at future version updates.

Q : If found the bug then how can we report and will take the action from Panacea-Soft?

A : We will use the Gitlab Issue tracker for bug tracking then we will consider fixing it at our regular version update. Let’s say, if you encounter the bug at version 1.8 then we will try to fix it at next version 1.9 or 2.0. After releasing every version, we will do the version update for your project.

Q : Is there any faster communication for the subscription client?

A : Yes, it will be one to one private chat from the Telegram.

Q : What is the payment method?
A : It will be from Paypal invoice.


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