Flutter Version Release Note

– discount issue
– dynamic widget issue

– lib/core/vendor/provider/product/discount_product_provider.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/common/give_review_button.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/receiver/offer_received_with_accept_and_reject_widget.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/chat/component/detail/conversation_list/widgets/sender/mark_as_sold_button.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/common/dialog/rating_dialog/core.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/entry/view/video_view_online_view.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/item/list_item/product_horizontal_list_item.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/sort_widget/ps_dynamic_option.dart
– lib/ui/vendor_ui/user/paid_item_list/component/horizontal/widgets/paid_ad_item_horizontal_list_item.dart
– pubspec.yaml

– Flutter SDK version – 3.10.0
– Android SDK version – 30.0.3

Admin Panel Version Release Note

– Mark as disable fixed
– Can go to chat & offer before login user fixed
– Header added in FE pages
– Other user profile active post load more bug fixed
– Not to show no data when loading
– Phone country code dropdown at frontend user profile edit
– Phone country code dropdown at Admin panel user create/edit
– RTL feature for arabic language
– Change provider to store
– Dark mode issue when loading fixed
– Item image missing at item detail sometimes fixed
– Not allow to buy package at dashboard when Paid App off from Admin Panel
– To show loading on page start load
– Fixed noti send two time when accept offer/make offer/ reject offer
– Notification some UI bugs fixed
– Profile some UI bugs fixed
– Favourite list from user setting modal not working
– Own User profile edit some UI bugs fixed
– Image Optimize
– Update price format
– Dashboard some UI modification
– Category and Sub Category some UI modification
– Chat online/offline logic fixed
– app/*
– Modules/*
– resources/*
– routes/*
– package.json

Admin Panel Version Update Guide

Changes Folders and Files

– app/*
– Modules/*
– resources/*
– routes/*
– package.json

How to Admin Panel Version Update?

1. Download the updated files from Codecanyon and unzip them on your local machine.
2. Download the existing folders (running project) from your hosting.
3. Delete the existing local files that correspond to above changed folders and files.
(expect package.json )
4. Copy the new files from the updated version (expect package.json) to your local machine in the corresponding locations where files were deleted in step 3.
5. Remove package-lock.json at your local machine folder.
6. Open package.json in your local and find with that keyword tailwindcss-rtl and replace with following code at this line.
Copy to Clipboard
7. Run the command npm install.
8. Build the updated version using this commands such as npm run build (make sure whether .env file existed in your local before build)
9. Then, delete package-lock.json from your hosting.
10. Delete the changes folders and files from your hosting.
11. Upload package-lock.json from your local machine.
12. Upload the changes folders and files from your local machine.
13. Delete public/build folder from your hosting.
14. Upload the public/build folder from your local machine.
15. Run your project in browser.
16. Login to your site and run in browser as projecturl/update.
17. Do database migration by clicking ‘Install Updates’. (Here, some language strings will be missing because you need to do string migration at next step).
18. Do admin panel language strings migration by importing admin_panel_language_v_1_1.zip which included from codecanyon updated files and click ‘Next Step’.
19. Do frontend language strings migration by importing frontend_language_v_1_1.zip which included from codecanyon updated files and click ‘Next Step’.
20. Click ‘Next Step’ for mobile language strings to skip it because there is no updates for this version.
21. Import your current project.zip file which is exported from PSX Builder.
22. Finally, you can exit from update process and you will directly reach to ‘Table’ page of admin panel.
23. Import project.zip again.
That’s it! Following these steps should ensure a successful update process.

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