1) App Name

2) App Package Name

(For eg; com.domainname.appname)

3) Color Primary : (For eg; #000000 )

   Color Secondary : (For eg; #000000 )

4) App Icon (1024 x 1024 with PNG format)

 If there is any transparency, you need to provide backend color code.

5) App Short Desc (Only 80 Chars)

6) App Long Desc

7) Google Developer Account with ( with Recovery email and phone)

8) Facebook Developer Account

9) Server Login credentials for backend setup (

10) Domain Name

11) Paypal email to send invoice 

12) Purchases Code from Codecanyon 

13) AdMob Keys (If you want to Admob on the app)

14) Current Country and Timezone

15) Add this facebook for faster connection ( For Messenger )

Terms & Conditions

1) After the user provides all requirements, PanaceaSoft will arrange the time slot for development.

2) It will take 1-3 days for the Reskin Process, starting from the agreed date.

3) After reskin, we will provide an APK for user review and verification.

4) There will be 2 Revisions for users to provide feedback.

5) Users need to provide app information for android.

6) This service is for one time fees only.

7) Users need to pay extra, if the user wants more revision or additional updates.

8) When we do reskin, we will use the current latest version for your app so our reskin process is not included for future version updates. If you want every latest version at your app, you need to pay for each version update based on our working hours. Normally we charge $25/hr.

9) We would give your demo apk for your review. According to our Terms and Conditions, there are 2 rounds reviews but if you see the bug from our app, we will give you one more round revision, so total will be 3 rounds revisions only. So, I would like to suggest taking a look at all those feedbacks during review times because after we upload and approve at Google Play & Apple Store, if you want to make the changes then we will charge $25/hr. 

Note : You may need to complete those 3 rounds reviews within 2 weeks. 

10) After we finish the reskin, we will send the latest source to you. If you need our help to set up a mobile project on your computer, we need to charge according to working hours.

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