PSNews Website

PSNews Website (Same Backend with Mobile Apps) is just like another extension for our existing mobile apps such as currently Android but iOS is coming soon. It is able to build the complete solution for Web and Android by using single backend.

Website Features

  1. Editor’s Pick News
  2. Trending News
  3. Recent News
  4. News By Category
  5. Like News, Favourite News, Comment News
  6. Search News By keywords & Category
  7. User Register, Login and Forgot Password
  8. User Profile Management
  9. Themes Available
  10. Responsive Solution
  11. SEO embedded

Backend Features

  1. Category Management
  2. News Management
  3. User Feedback Data management such as Like, Favorite, Comment and etc
  4. Users Management
  5. Data Analytics for which news is most interesting
  6. About App Content Management and SEO setting
  7. User role and access right for Admin, Editor & Author



PSNews Android version also available with same backend. 


PSNews iOS version also available with same backend.