PSHotels iOS (Ultimate Hotels Finder Application With Backend)

PSHotels iOS is just starter kits for hotel solution application for iOS platform with backend content management system. You could build like Agoda kind of hotel application within a few hours. Please take a look more details about PSHotels iOS

Mobile App Features
1. Search Hotels according your travel destination
2. Hotels Result List
3. Available Rooms List from selected hotel
4. Hotel Details Information
5. Room Details Information
6. Room Gallery Images
7. Review & Rating from users
8. User Favorite Hotel
9. Inquiry Message
10. User Login/Register/Forgot Password
11. User Profile Management
12. Push Notification

Backend Features
1. Country & City Management
2. Hotels Management
3. Rooms Management
4. Hotels Features Header & Detail Information
5. Rooms Features Header & Details Information
6. Hotels Promotion
7. Recommended Hotels
8. Review Category Management
9. User Feedback Data Management
10. Users Management
11. About & Setting Management
12. Sending Push Notification From Backend
13. Data Analytics By Using Google Chart API

API integration
– Using RESTFul API for Data Trasnfer in between Mobile App & Backend

Which technologies are using?
We tried our best to apply latest technology combination inside our product.
So, you could take some reference or modify on top of those technologies.
– Using Xcode
– Using 100% Swift
– Push Notification With Apple Push Notification Service
– SVProgressHUD Integration
– SDWebImage Integration
– Alamofire Integration
– Admob banner Integration
– YouTube Integration
– CodeIgniter, Javascript, Bootstrap and Html
– Google Chart API for data analytics
– Applied MVVM pattern

Which iOS version support?
Above iOS 10 and up to latest.

What would you get after purchased?
– Mobile App Source Code For Xcode
– Backend (Source Code & Sample Data)
– User Guide Documentation



PSHotels Android Version also available with same backend management.


PSHotels Website Frontend Version also available with same backend management.