Citiesdirectory (iOS)


What is CitiesDirectory?

CitiesDirectory is just andorid full application solution with backend system for content management. It is not only for a single city but also support for multiple cities.

iOS App Features

  1. Xcode application using Swift 2.0 (Not for Objective C++)
  2. UI and Layout are for iPhone screen but it is able to run on iPad too
  3. Parallax Effect is using for cities list page
  4. Horizontal & Vertical scroll are using for categories and sub categories
  5. Items are showing with Pinterest Grid
  6. Item Details Information
  7. User profile to manage their information
  8. User account register, forgot password
  9. Favourite/Unfavourite for item
  10. Like/Unlike for item
  11. Item Reviews
  12. Inquiries for user feedback
  13. Share on facebook, Tweet on twitter
  14. News feed from city
  15. Push notification
  16. Search using keyword
  17. Explore on MapView and Search by user current location

Backend Features

  1. Super Admin can manage for all cities from the system
  2. Different city with own admin account to manage only their city
  3. City registration from public user
  4. Super admin need to approve or reject for registered city
  5. Categories, sub categories, items CRUD for each city
  6. News feeds CRUD fro promotions and discount information
  7. Item Like Management
  8. Item Ratings Management
  9. Item Favourite Management
  10. Item Inquiry Management
  11. Send Push Message to users
  12. Data Analytics using google chart API
  13. Language Config file for localization

API Integration

  1. Using RestFul API
  2. Using JSON to transfer data in between mobile app and backend


CitiesDirectory iOS Application with PHP backend Link


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