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FlutterX is UI collection for Flutter Developers and Communities.

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Author: Panacea-Soft
Current App Version: 1.0
Documentation Version 1.0
Created: ??/??/2019
Modified: ??/??/2019

Working Environment

You need to setup your working environment for Flutter.

Android Studio

Download the project and unzip the folder:

  1. Open the project folder.
  2. Click the Package get to install dependencies from pubspec.yaml
  3. Select emulator or real device and click run button

Visual Studio Code

Download the project and unzip the folder:

  1. Open the project folder.
  2. Open Terminal ( Click Terminal on menu and Click New Terminal )

  3. Run this command
  4. flutter packages get

  5. Click Run button

Overview App Architecture

How about Overview App Architecture?

Package Name Description
FlutterX/android Android Project
FlutterX/ios iOS Project
FlutterX/lib/apps Apps contains many sub apps
FlutterX/lib/core Core module to handle all sub apps working together in one apps.

Sub App Architecture

How about sub app Architecture?

Package Name Description
FlutterX/lib/apps/sub-app/constants Constants module responsible for constants value declarations for colors, dimensions, and themes data.
FlutterX/lib/apps/sub-app/repository Repository modules are responsible for handling data operations.
FlutterX/lib/apps/sub-app/route Route module is responsible for navigation control for whole app
FlutterX/lib/apps/sub-app/ui UI module is responsible for all user interfaces.
FlutterX/lib/apps/sub-app/viewobject viewobjects module is responsible for holds user data to work with UI.

Run Sub App Directly

How to run sub app directly?

  1. Click Debug and Run
  2. Select App you want to run
  3. Click Run Button

  1. Select App you want to run
  2. Click Run Button

Copy Whole Sub App to New App

How to copy whole sub app to new app?

Please take a look at here.