IHello everyone! 👋 Actually, we are very rushed with our products development to be more stable and perfect. But sometimes we need to take a break and think of new things. So, this Meal Planner ( UI Only Project ) is one idea from our UIUX team because we would love to contribute and share at UIUX and the Figma Community.

1) OnBoarding Screens
The simple Onboarding process guides smoothly into the world of meal planning

2) Sign In
The Sign-In page is gateway to personalized meal planning. Sign in with the provided form, or take the express route with social media logins via Google and Facebook.

3) Home
The Home Page invites with the promise of culinary exploration with a dynamic search bar paired with filter options. Don’t miss the ‘Today’s Meal’ banner, a curated selection of popular ingredients and explore a several meals categorized by trending, new and top rated.

4) Listing
Each item card showcases mouthwatering meal images, names, ratings, calorie information, and cook times and add to favorite list by tapping the heart button. Users can customize viewing experience with the View Toggle, switching between vertical and horizontal card views.

5) Search & Filter
The Search & Filter lets users selecting from a range of filters, including categories, calorie range, cooking time, complexity, and rating.

6) Meal Plan
Users can explore a user-friendly calendar to organize their meals day by day and choose breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks from recommendations or search. They can also set date, time, and reminders for a personalized meal planning experience.

7) Profile
Profile monitor nutritional intake by effortlessly tracking the nutrients from consumed recipes. Here, explore sections for dietary preferences, payment methods, language settings, and profile options.

8) Details
The Details page offers an in-depth exploration of a particular dish by mages, descriptions, ingredient lists, nutrition details, benefits, and step-by-step instructions. With a simple tap, users can seamlessly include the meal in your curated list or mark it as a favorite.

View the complete applications ( available iOS, Android, Frontend & Admin Panel ) on Codecanyon. Follow us on social media for updates on Facebook, Twitter(X), LinkedIn and Youtube

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