PSHotels Website (Ultimate Hotels Finder Website With Backend)

PSHotels Website is just like another frontend extension for our existing mobile apps such as iOS and Android. You could build the complete solution for Web and Mobiles by using single backend.


Website Frontend Features
1) Using CodeIgniter 3.0 & MySQL
2) Responsive Website
3) Carousel/Slider Effect
4) Explore On Google Map
5) Hotels List (Popular, Recommended, Promotions)
6) Hotels Details
8) Rooms List from Hotel
9) User Ratings & Review Hotels
10) User Inquiries Hotels
11) User Favourites Hotels
12) User Register, Login, Forgot Password
13) User Profile Management
14) News Feed

Backend Features
1) Countries & Cities Management
2) Hotels Management
3) Rooms Management
4) Custom Fields Management
5) User Feedback Data Management (Inquiry, Review & Rating, Favorite)
6) Registered Users Management
7) System Users & Access Management
8) Data Analytics Using Google Chart
9) Database Backup


PSHotels Android version is available with same backend management.


PSHotels iOS version is available with same backend management.